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5 Tips For Decorating Any Room

1. Design with a focal point in mind.

 Whether it’s a color or a single fixture, choose your concept and make it the focal point to anchor a room. Select other items to play a supporting role. Every piece needs to be intentional, but not every piece needs to lead.

Here, our focal point is the center-piece on the table. The color draws your eye in, and the subdued hues of the room create a calming effect.


2. Choose bold over boring.

Spaces are like people, every one is unique and thus deserves a unique personality. Being bold doesn’t mean you need to clash. Instead, let your taste be expressed in a way the makes your space stand out in a balanced and intentional way.

Here we chose a sharp yellow that contrasts the greys and brings your eye to the art selections. The wall has notable personality, and yet still feels sleek and comfortable when you enter.


3. Allow your furniture balanced space.

With a blank canvas, It can be tempting to fill a room many delectable pieces. However, it’s important to fully grasp for what spending time in that space will really feel like. Avoid over-designing and crowding a room with furniture in favor of positioning furniture with a comfortable amount of space.


4. Match, but never over-theme.

It can be tempting to select colors and furniture that fit a trendy theme. From nautical to safari, be careful not to indulge a theme that overwhelms effective design selection.

Here we use several hues of blue that compliment eachother and work with the rooms light. This gives you a sense of a theme, without being overcommitted or cheesy.


5. Choose creativity above all.

It’s important to have good design guidelines when planning a space, but once you have a starting point, tapping into your creative side is critical. Breaking the rules can be as important as following them, and when you get stuck, always follow your heart and make selections that excite you!

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